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The Karma War and Dom ZakEdit

Dom Zak's first war was during the Karma War. IRON faced many alliances including: MHA, RoK, FARK, ARES, R.O.C.K, GRE, FCC, IPA and The Order of Halsa. Dom Zak fought against members of MHA, RoK and FARK. He won almost all his wars except one against Scytale of MHA. Dom Zak and Scytale are to this day still friends and that experience during the Karma War had brought them together. Dom Zak was around the 7k nation strength range and barely fell below that. He stood strong and fought for IRON while hundreds of others left like cowards. He was forever changed by the Karma War and decided to enter into the IRON military career. He fought beside many IRON nations during this conflict and is still good friends with many of them including Schmoo and Jerbear.

Post-Karma and Dom ZakEdit

After IRON surrendered to the forces of Karma, Dom Zak helped pay the reperations due to several alliances like RoK, R.O.C.K and ARES. After he preformed this noble act on behalf of the alliance he loves, he focused on nation growth. He got into a stable trade circle consisting of many members of different orange alliances inclusing R&R, Vanguard and ODN. He focused at first on farming tech for larger IRON nations and then quickly switched to seeding when he hit the 15k nation strength mark. Some say it was too early, but Dom Zak had a plan. He grew his nation up to 29k nation strengh by the beginning of the Cluster&%$@ War. He was nuclear capable with a stockpile of 20 nukes and he had just started to buy a primitive navy. He was a true IRON warrior and was 100% ready to stand and fight for her once again.

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