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Joining CybernationsEdit

Dom Zak first joined cybernations on July 31st, 2008 at 11:11 AM. He is an avid gamer and was recommended to try Shortly after joining Cybernations, Dom Zak recieved several recruitment messages. He would have immediately accepted a message he had recieved from the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) if his friend did not ask him to join the New Pacific Order (NPO). He applied to the New Pacific Order within days of creating his nation. He was accepted and admitted into their academy. Immediately, he studied for the Exam. Not 1 day later, he took the Test to get out of the academy. Meanwhile, his friends were over and while he was attempting to concentrate and answer the test questions, he was sidetracked and gave dull answers. Upon submitting the test on two different occasions, Dom Zak was not allowed to take the test again. By this point, Dom Zak had gotten frustrated and decided to leave the NPO. Next, he applied to the Independent Republic of Orange Nations.

Joining IRONEdit

After deciding to leave NPO, Dom Zak wandered over to the IRON forums. Dom Zak applied there and was soon accepted. After being accepted, he was also put into an academy similar to that of NPO's. Though, the test at IRON, was optional. Dom Zak spent much time in the IRON academy learning how to manage his nation and grow it efficiently. Also, he was taught about trades and several other aspects about Cybernations, IRON and IRC. He was very inactive from the time he joined IRON to the start of the Karma War. He only logged on to collect taxes and pay bills every two days. When the Karma War occured, he became as active as a lightning bolt. He made friends, lots of them and quick. He soon became a prominent member of IRON and still is today. He has many jobs and is considered to be one of the best IRON'ers there is.

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